When things are stolen from us, we realize the need for protection.

That’s the sad thing. We don’t realize it until it happens.

With the most up-to-date technology available to you at affordable prices, there’s no excuse to be caught out by the millions of counterfeit dollars in circulation.

Sometimes, you never know who might be trying to play you for a fool. Allow iTestCash to give you the best detection technology. It’s as simple as sliding new bills through a laser reader which can instantly tell you whether it is real or not.

credit-squeeze-522549_640iTestCash gives you brands like Accubanker and their portable counterfeit detectors.

The Accubanker D22 Portable Counterfeit Bill Detector is user-friendly and comes with a long-lasting warranty of 3 years.

With iTestCash you will also be able to find innovative products like coin counters and sorters. Each product is easy to use and tested before bringing it to the customers. Currently, there are many products on sale meaning you can get a great deal, long-lasting value and bank-grade security. One sale right now is the Cassida C200 Coin Counter, priced at one-hundred and ninety five dollars ($195). This product gives you exceptional room for storing many coins.

With the Cassida C200, you will be able to safely store all types of coins and know how much you have put back for savings. With the digital counter, it will read off to you how much you have in a clear, concise way. Perfect for small businesses, the coin and bill tray with lid is also on sale for thirty-seven dollars and fifty cents. This bill tray with lid is small and light-weight and will keep important things like the tips you make for the day, in a reliably safe place. At iTestCash, you will also be able to find a small register, on sale – for one-hundred and fifteen ($115). Big or small, iTestCash has it all.

Since we know you’re serious about safety, how’s this for peace of mind:

Never get scammed with fake bills

Using the cutting-edge enterprise-grade security systems offered by iTestCash is an affordable way to save money in the long term while never worrying about being tricked into bad business.

While counterfeit money is constantly being taken out of circulation, that just means that it is also constantly being forged in fake mints all around the world.

Don’t fall prey to these criminals.

Pick up a system that works and outsmart the bad guys for good.