Top 4 reasons families like to move to Denver and surrounding suburbs

4. Public parks and trails are plentiful near Denver and the surrounding areas. There are a lot of free areas to go to with kids that are recreational and fun. Parents will find there are wonderful parks right in the heart of Denver as well as in surrounding towns. In the summer time there are numerous festivals and outdoor events that bring children and their parents together from many surrounding areas.

3. Botanical Gardens & The Denver Zoo are two major attractions near Denver that have attracted a lot of families over the years. The centralized location of these places makes it easy to attend fun functions and attractions that pass through the city. Family friendly entertainment is plentiful in these parts of the city.

2. Safe areas and commuter towns are plentiful around Denver. Three cities were ranked among the top 101 safest locations in the USA this year.The location of Denver is centralized and allows for easy access to multiple neighborhoods. This makes it easy to have access to amenities from all parts of town. The commuter rail also connects the cities different areas making it convenient to get around.

1.Diversity is of great importance among the schools in Denver. Not only are there a lot of opportunities for academic development with both private charter and public schools, but there is a great diversity in the population of students. Academic challenging environments are plentiful as Denver students are ambitions and vigilant. There is a clear culture of promoting education and academic achievement. This helps families that are seeking the best experiences in preparation for college.

There are a lot of reasons to consider Denver for your family. Luxury apartment and condo real-estate offers the best possible options when it comes to beautiful vintage and modern living spaces. The blend of nature and city life is at its finest in Denver, where lake and mountain views are plentiful. There are also a lot of benefits to living near one of the countries major metropolitan areas. Great schools, safe neighborhoods and lots of family friendly events and activities make Denver a remarkable place to live and raise a family.